Major problems with 634 USB drivers


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Major problems with 834 USB drivers

Hi all.

I have a Gigabyte 8INXP mobo.
Running XP Sp1.

When I load the drivers for the 834 and then stick it in a USB slot, I direct Windows to the correct directory for the drivers.

Now here is the issue. It repeated states that a file is missing and then tries to reinstall the drivers again and again and again.

I think it is a USB driver problem, as the 834 ran fine on the Asus P4 Granite Bay mobo I had.

Any ideas as to what to do, and more importantly how to uninstall any USB drivers? I assume I have loaded a USB driver that I should not have off the Gigabyte disc.
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The process to install it with XP service pack 1 is to tell it not to search for the drivers, just tell it where the drivers are. It should have you install the LCD first, then the virtual com port. You should just follow that process both times and it should install fine, as that's the procedure I follow, and I have an XP Pro SP1 box here for testing purposes.