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Low internal power problem


New member
I'm trying to work with Elec/Eltek LCD (PN: FGE-CMGG12864AL-01). It uses Sitronix's controller (ST7565P). I'd connected the LCD exactly as it shown at the application notes. The power supply is 3.3Vdc.
At the software, I turned the internal step-up circuits ON and get only 5.3Vdc at the Vout pin - LCD shows nothing (as I understand - it should be more them 10Vdc). Please, look at my initialization function... Where did I get wrong?

for (CNTR=0; CNTR<100000; CNTR++); //delay

LCDcommand(0X0A2);// LCD bias Set (1/9 bias)
LCDcommand(0X0A0);// ADC select (normal)
LCDcommand(0X0C8);// Common output mode (reverse)
LCDcommand(0X027);//Internal resistor ratio
LCDcommand(0X081);// Electronic volume control
LCDcommand(0X03F);// V0 voltage ratio (large)

LCDcommand(0x0F8); //booster ratio select mode set
LCDcommand(0x000); //
LCDcommand(0X02F);//power control set

Thank you very much
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