Looking for enclosure for CFAH0802


New member
I am using this display to design a amp/voltmeter for Goldwing Motorcycles. I am using an Atmel ATTiny26 to drive the display. The display works great, although the data sheet leaves something to be desired.

My problem now is finding a small, watertight enclosure for the display. the enclosure should be only slightly bigger than the display pdb and about 1 inch deep.

I've searched the usual suspects, pactec, oki, serpac, polycase, hammond, bud, but they just don't have the size I need.

Before I blow the big bucks on tooling, I am hoping against hope that someone here has developed or knows of someone who has an enclosure of the proper dimensions.
Plastic or brushed aluminum would be ok. If it comes to hogging out aluminum, I could live with that, too.
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