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So, I've got two 635s that I ordered back in, like, September, foolishly thinking that I'd have the time/motivation to get them up and running with a good software solution under Linux, possibly coding something up myself. Now it's the start of a new semester and I'm foolishly thinking the same thing all over again. What I'd like to do is find a good project for managing this device under linux - not a GUI application like CrystalControl, but something that would allow me to integrate using the 635 into my normal desktop activities. For example, having it display arbitrary text by catting to some fifo, or implementing a menu interface to select a playlist to send to something like mplayer or mpd.

Last time I looked, LCD4Linux wasn't really maintained anymore. Of the Linux users here, what do you guys use? Do you like it, or have you found it doesn't meet your needs? If I can't find a project, I might try to write something myself again. If I do find a project, I'd like it to be in a healthy enough state that I could possibly contribute to it. OSS solutions only, of course.

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CF Support

LCD Proc

LCD Proc is fairly versatile. It runs as a daemon on your linux box and listens on a given TCP port. The package comes with several applications for gathering data and transmitting it to the daemon. The API for talking to the daemon is very straight forward and example code is given is C and perl.


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Thanks, I think I'll probably end up going with that. I'm not completely happy with some of its behavior, but it seems like it'd be a good fixer-upper if I want to try.