Linux/AM3354: 3-wire SPI LCD timing


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I'm using a custom AM3354 board. We have to make this work on 3.2.0 kernel only.
LINUX ...... 3.2.0 #71 PREEMPT THU APR 13 07:34:59 CEST 2017 ARMV7L GNU/LINUX
We are integrating KD024FM-1B (2.4" LCD) LCD which uses ST7789V IC. We have received the LCD initialization code for 3-wire SPI from the LCD manufacturer.
The below is the snippet in my board file;
#include video/st7789fb.h
static struct pinmux_config spi_pin_mux[] = {
    {"mcasp0_aclkx.spi1_sclk",    OMAP_MUX_MODE3 | AM33XX_PULL_ENBL | AM33XX_INPUT_EN},
    {"mcasp0_axr0.spi1_d1",        OMAP_MUX_MODE3 | AM33XX_PULL_ENBL | AM33XX_INPUT_EN},
    {"mcasp0_ahclkr.spi1_cs0",   OMAP_MUX_MODE3 | AM33XX_PULL_ENBL | AM33XX_PULL_UP | AM33XX_INPUT_EN},
    {NULL, 0},
/* LCD Controller */
static const struct st7789fb_platform_data lcd_st7789fb_data = {
    .rst_gpio    = GPIO_TO_PIN(3, 8),
    .dc_gpio    = GPIO_TO_PIN(0, 7),
static struct spi_board_info lcd_spi1_slave_info[] = {
        .modalias      = "st7789fb",
        .platform_data    = &lcd_st7789fb_data,
        .irq         = -1,
        .max_speed_hz  = 3000000,           // the timing is the problem at the moment, tried upto 32MHz
        .bus_num       = 2,
        .chip_select   = 0,
        .mode          = SPI_MODE_0,

/* setup lcd spi1 */
static void __init spi_init(void)
    spi_register_board_info(lcd_spi1_slave_info, ARRAY_SIZE(lcd_spi1_slave_info));
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Based on code from ; I've modified the init script as per ST7789

After including the driver code; there was a problem with register_framebuffer which was resolved by patching/modifying the following;
1. make st7735 DMA safe, and
2. fbmem.c

I'm not able to get the timing right. Please suggest.
NOTE: we were able to make the ST7775 functional with the similar approach.

Waman Prabhu
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