Linux, 635, Python interface, Buttons, Asynchronous talk

Miro Dietiker

New member

I'm currently preparing a project.
We need a daemon to interact via the 635 display with the a user (choosing kinda playlists and other functions).

As i'll implement all that using asynchronous key events and some menu system i'd like to hear from other python approaches. Some previous guys posted about using python but there was no sample with keys and async transfer.

I'd expect to use pyserial for communication.
There would be some generic threaded helper to talk with the display, a menu renderer for menu scrolling with event/action based menu items, special menu item definition code with interfaces, a general init thing, and some interface to talk threaded to external process (kinda player).

LCD4Linux does not fit well for this task...
The generic interfaces and some Samples will be published OpenSource.. The Menu machine too if it will be great ;-)

Any input would be welcome. If there is some starting code that would be helpful for some testing, i'd appreciate too for sure!

Thanks - Miro
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CF Support2

We have our 635_WinTest application that includes the source code that is a great resource for seeing how to communicate with the various aspects of the module:

We also have a very basic Linux application and code:

A good source for information in working with the CFA635 is the datasheet:

The CFA635 is available in both USB and Serial (RS-232 and TTL) allowing you some connectivity options.


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I'm thinking about doing the same thing with the XES635BK.

I haven't really dug into it yet (I got output working using the class I posted in this forum earlier, but just gave up on buttons for now and went with CLI/Web control of my application.

I'm thinking about using Twisted, as it has a damn good reputation as an event-driven framework. I'm pretty busy at work and with other projects lately, but I'm hoping to get something working by the end of the month.

Keep the board up-to-date on your progress, and I'll do the same. Feel free to use my class (here), as the implementation of CRC, command sending, and the actual command codes themselves, seems to be working perfectly for ~2 months so far.