Linux 633-Service: Version 1.01

CF Mark

Stable Linux 633-Service - V1.01 (19/03/08)

This is a simple Linux daemon that controls a serial/USB 633 module.
It will display simple information on the LCD (sourced from a textfile), control fans and report fan RPM and temperatures.

This is a static x86 build, so should work on most recent distributions of GNU/Linux.
Will work on both 32bit and 64bit systems/OS.
Archive containing the files is attached.

- Make sure you read the included README file

Version 1.01:
- Fixes packet handling issues (produced sporadic RPM results)
- Fixes timing issues (reduces CPU load)

Version 1.00:
- Initial public release.
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CF Mark

I have been using this software for >5yrs on my Linux server along with RRDtool for stats monitoring.

Here are a couple of example graphs (last 6 months):