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For all you Linux Users who can't properly use your CFA631 Module...

Here is a custom program I wrote. See the included sample Bash file, since the vast majority of the system is shell-script controlled. Anything that is commandline can be interfaced with this program.

This driver supports the Keypad for use with anything. Its all in the sample script. The sample will display your IP (hopefully), Uptime, etc, and includes a very simplistic sample menu.

You can do practically anything with your display using this little set, and I mean anything. If you know Bash Programming, spend 5 minutes in the Sample and you will realize the power of this little program.

I only take credit for what I did. The vast majority of the program is based off the CFont631 Library that someone else in this forum posted, except the Library was chucked into the program (no seperate library to deal with). I did NOT write the Library. I only wrote the commandline part, and a few other functions.

Big Numbers/Characters are COMMING soon, as are Bar Graphcs and Custom Icons (non-animated). Its Xmas so I can't work on it as much as I'd like to right now, but hopefully those two should be in sometime soon.

Compile the C file with GCC, remember -lpthread for the Pthread Library.

The Sample Shell script shows you how the magic can be done. Execute the script as the script comments say for background running (nohup sh ./ &).

Write your own script, maybe post it so others can see how you run your display.

I will post my own script given the chance to write it... That will probobly be once I figure out bars and Bigchars, and custom characters.

Cheers for now!
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Software seems buggy

I have compiled the software (after inserting a ; on line 695 which appeared to be missing) and I have noticed that when it's waiting for keypress's it sends the CPU to 100% usage.

I think there may be some issue with the code at that point do you have any ideas what this could be?


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I've made some modifications to this utility and attached the results. I've made a couple of modifications to:
  • Remove the 100% CPU usage while waiting for keypresses
  • Add option to let the user choose from a menu of options and return the selected index
  • Add option to edit an IP address (netmask, gateway, etc)
  • Include basic usage in the main program
Comments are welcome!



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Wow, something that actually works with the CFA-631 on Linux. I've added big number support, a couple extra functions, and split into a couple of files to make handling things easier.

I want to work on some major modifications in order to keep something hanging onto key presses when you have an interactive display. I have included a couple of examples, uptime, clock, HDD temp, and network speeds.

Technically bignum support could be shell script side but passing around byte value 0x0 is a bit complicated.



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scrolling text

Does everyone of you know how to put a scrolling text in the display?

the programm works nice on my ubuntu dapper drake installation.



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Re: scrolling text

schdefan said:
Does everyone of you know how to put a scrolling text in the display?
There is no hardware function for scrolling, it has to be implemented in software. The menu code in the above example works pretty well.


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Error opening Crystalfontz 631 usb lcd
Segmentation fault


I'm trying to run your cfa631 program
after updating the libraries the program halts with an error "Error opening Crystalfontz 631 usb lcd
Segmentation fault",
I am running Fedora "" with Gnome Desktop

Any suggestions on what may be happening ?



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it's workimg

hi Dabinka...this is Davis.The code is working.Excellent.Initially it has taken some time but the end result is really is Promising.I want to download Linux New version.someone please post some links here.....