LEDs Controlling and Icon making


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Good morning,

I got a CFA-835 and i wanna know if its possible do control the leds with bash script or with some other language, because i've already have a code for others LCDs using LCDproc, and I want to keep using it.

I also wanna know how I can plot an icon instead the standard icon.

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CF Mark

Welcome :)

I'm not too familiar with lcdproc, but with the little testing ive just done, it can control the LEDs on the 635/735/835.
A quick way to test it, is to type this at a command prompt:
# telnet localhost 13666
output 255
output 0
After typing hello, you should get a reply from LCDProc with some information. Then after typing the output lines you should see the LEDs turn on and off.
I'm not sure how to make practical use of them yet though. I'll look into this next.