LcdStudio Released


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...copying the announcement of the creator himself:
After many hours of bughunting and testing i'm proud to announce to you all :

LcdStudio !

Lcd studio 1.5 supports the following displays natively:

All hd44780 based displays in 8 bit mode
All sed133x based graphical displays
All T6963c based graphical displays
All Text Serial displays of matrix orbital
CrystalFonts 632/633/634 in both serial and usb mode
Noritake 800a VFD in parallel mode
IEE century 2x20 VFD's in serial mode
8x24 serial vt100 lcd's (the ones you can get off ebay for cheap)

I would like to thank all beta testers and people on the forums for their feedback but in special I would like to thank herman and spock for kicking my ass on daily basis and keeping me focused on getting a stable product instead of taking dirty shortcuts here and there. I coudn't have done it without you guys!

And now what you all have been waiting for...

The download link
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**** you are ahead of me again spock!

Hmmz what more can i say..

Well the temp sensors on the CF633 are supported! fans will come in a short while i hope!


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For as new as this software is . . . it shows great promise. Probably the best UI I have ever used with LCD Software! I hope that the SDK is straigtforward and people start coding plugins for this program. Pretty solid!



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I'm still working on documentation for the SDK but basicly any programmer should be able to create plugins in his favorite language (delphi, C++ or even Visual Basic) I also have a vbscript/jscript plugin in the works so even the scripting people can write plugins.