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I've been using LCDriver to power my LCD for a while now because I like the winamp plugin that's available for it (all of the others are HD44780, although I may end up getting a second one for winamp and use my current one for stats). However whenever it gets initialized (via Winamp), I can no longer shut off my comp correctly. When I try to shut down, this "device driver service" thing gets one of those trying to close boxes with the end now button in the corner. After a little while the comp tries to shut down but just gets stuck and I have to do a hard reset or hold in the power button.
I'm using a 634 USB, which uses virtual com port 3 at 19200bps. I had thought it might have been my sound card drivers but it doesn't look like it. Anyone have an idea of what I can do? It seems to cause other problems too, like quite a few apps won't start until I do a (hardware) reboot such as Nero or the disk defragger. Should I try messing around with the bitrate or try reinstalling the USB drivers?
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