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Since I got no reply when I sent a subscribe request to lcdproc's mailing list, I post my message here, given that I've seen that some people here are using lcdproc to do their stuff with their LCD :)

So, here I am. I precise that I'm using a CFA 635.

First, I think that there is some bug in the piece of code which should handle wrapping when you press the "UP" key, and you're already at the top of a menu. With my CFA635 I get a weird result (the top line, which contains the menu title is shifted to the 3rd line of the LCD, and the first two lines are empty). I don't know what should be the default behaviour, according to the source code, it should do "wrap around to last menu entry" (that's a comment line), but it doesn't work :) [file server/menu.c around line 712]. I precise that I have the same behaviour with Ubuntu's (8.10) lcdproc package, and the CVS version I downloaded 3 days ago.
I did a quick and dirty fix (2 lines of C), which doesn't have the good behaviour (wrapping around to the last menu entry), but at least prevent my "top line" from shifting 2 lines below where it should be printed.

That's the first thing. So if somebody knows where can I join lcdproc's mailing list in order to fill a bug report, I'm interested, as the ML address on lcdproc's "contact" page seems to be...dead.

Then, I have another question. I'm using lcdd to configure a computer on a network. A very cool thing is the "ip address input" menu. But I would like to input the network class on the same screen too, using this form: "" for example (yeah, I think that using a second IP address input menu in order to input my mask using "" is too annoying, even if I'm not supposed to do this 50 times a day). So if somebody knows what portion of the code I have to modify in order to add my own menu type, or if there is a way to do so, using "alpha" type menu, and allowing only numbers and "/" and "." characters, I'm very very interested.

I think that's all I wanted to know, for now :)

best regards, meik
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