LCDproc/CC2 network interface


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I have a mixture of windows *nix and mac os x machines on my network and I recently discovered the wonders of the network capabilities of lcdproc through lcdd. What I would like to do is run my crystalfontz display on my os x server, but pipe data to it over the network via lcdd. Unfortunately there are many great monitoring programs that crystalcontrol2 supports and lcdproc does not. I was wondering if anyone has heard of or attempted a lcdproc/crystalcontrol interface. Either crystalcontrol --> lcdd or lcdproc -->crystalcontrol, communicating via the network. Or both. I don't see why this would be very difficult seeing as the data being transmitted is fairly simple and small. I would imagine it would quite a bit simpler to make a plugin for crystalcontrol that sends data to lcdd, which already has a networking interface.

Just an idea, wanted to see what others think or if it has already been attempted.

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CF Mark

We have been thinking about a network interface for CC2 recently.
I did not know lcdproc had a net interface, so its good timing you bringing this up now.
Ill look into how it works and see if i can support it.