LCD Status screen for my Tivo! Completed!


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After adding another hard drive to my Tivo, enabling telnet, ftp, TivoWeb, TyTool and all the other cool goodies that are out there, I started searching around for a new project. I stumbled across this web page: where a guy in the UK added a 2 line screen to his Tivo. Very cool I thought, why can't I do that.. so I began reading his page, (which left much to be desired in terms of instructions), but I figured enough out to realize that only needed a few parts to get this up and running...

I've completed my guide for adding an LCD screen to Tivo, as well as my hacked-to-pieces code. Please see for full details.


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Nice writeup / nice project.

Now all I need you to do is do a write-up on adding an LCD to a Replay TV :D