LCD-software works randomly on different computers? (Using DLportIO)


New member
I've done a project in school consisting of programming my own LCD
software. It communicates with the LCD through the parallell port
using the DLPortIO driver.
The thing is, that it doesnt work on every computer.

On most computer I've tested it with, the LCD only prints random
characters and the cursor is jumping around the display.
But on one computer (a Dell laptop) i've tested it with, it works
perfectly fine.

This is the case with all LCD software I've tested. The setup on every
computer is identical, ive just installed the "typical"-installation
of the driver, and then run the software.

I find it ver strange that it doesnt work with most computers, but
with one it does.
Therefore I'm guessing that its an configuration-problem, but I cant
figure out whats wrong.

If you have an answer to my problem, I would be very grateful.
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Maybe the parallel port setup is different. There are modes like "standard", "EPP", "ECP", and what-not... Have you tried it in each of these modes? You'll have to go into the BIOS setup at boot to change modes.