LCD Smartie 5.3 alpha 3 available


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5.3 Alpha 4 available

Alpha 4 is available for download.

Changes since alpha 3 are:
- Fixed bug [1073921] Exception: Range Check (Rss)
- Removed limit on the number of Rss feeds.
- Fixed unwanted scrolling on Crystalfontz displays.
- Fixed bug: duplicated USB Palm entries in COMport list.
- Fixed bug: [1073684] Exception: Range check error (cpuspeed)
- Fixed bug: asked for disk to be inserted when checking free space
of a removable drive.
- Changed format of $UpTimes (from '12:34:56' to '12h 34m 56s'. Once
days appear it becomes '1d 3h 45m', etc).
- Fixed bug: Uptimes wrapped every 7 days.
- Extended uptime to work over 49.7 days.