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hello ya'll,
I have recently installed a CrystalFontz 634 USB and I love it ! The only problem is that I cannot get feeds to display correctly. I always get the message 'Connection Time-out'. I have changed the location code to the one of my city (USNY0996) but still nothing.

I am running Windows XP SP2, and I initially thought its built-in firewall was the problem but I tried on Win 2K and the same problem occured. :confused: There is definetely a connection because I get email notification and some kind of news feed.

The display is set on COM3, 19600...I do not think this is a problem with the USB connection.

Has anyone had the same problem? I would really appreciate some help!
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I think u will solve that problem when you can get this thing to talk to your network interface.

How hard can this be, I say to smartie, shownme my IP. It doesn't work!

Well, the author, wise enough, have just stopped spending more time on it and released its source code. If you program with Delphi and have a sourceforge$ account...