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I am really new to both linux and LCDs...i've been doing some research, and supposedly LCD proc is the best to be running my LCD (crystalfontz 634 USB). i was hoping if anyone could point me to a beginners guide to using LCD Proc. any help would be appreciated.

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Has anyone successfully used the crystalfontz 634USB with lcdproc? I am trying to use the latest lcdproc 0.4.4 from Dec 1 2003 and it is locking up writing to the device shortly after it initializes the screen.

Any ideas?


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same here

I just got the Dislplay, USB 634 V2.2. Hooked it up, compiled some extra USB serial **** in my kernel (2.4.23) and started..

The LCD is recognised als /dev/usb/tts/0 . So installed LCDproc. It itnitialises the display, but then nothing happens anymore :(. I tried 4.3, and the lastest 4.4 from CVS.. Seems that more people have problems like this one...

A frew guys at the LCDproc forum have the same problem. I turn out te be very strange, since acces via minicom seems te work just fine..
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