LCD monitor for homemade cockpit


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Hi. I just found this web page and I would like to know if anyone can help me with some issues regarding a cockpit I'm building.
I started building a F1 cockpit 2 years ago and know I got to the part where I have to hook all the electronic components to the computer.
I would like to know if I can have an LCD monitor showing some info like potentiometer usage or RPM counter etc...
Since there aren't any F1 simulators that send out the RPM data separately (yet:) ) I will use one of those VU meters and match the last LED with the in game car's top RPM. (It works and for that I have no problem.) I want to know if instead of using the LED's from the circuit board, I can somehow send that information back to the LCD display and have that info shown there. (of course it would had to be a custom design)

Thanks for your attention.

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CF Mark

I have also been thinking about this since im a F1 sim fan.

Ill write to EA (F1-2002) and the GP4 guys about some kind of support in CrystalControl.
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CF Mark

Just an update... i havnt got replies from any of the emails ive sent off to them.

But i might be able to get support for an upcoming game called "Racing Legends".