Lcd Help!!


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Firstly Hello to all :)

Right i built a Paralell Cable and attached it to the LCD Display
All is Working Fine , Except that when i use the Backlight Which is Connected to a Seperate +5 and Ground (the Light Comes on but after about 1 min the thing gets so dam hot u could fry a Egg on the Thing Thus Forcing me to Disable the Light :(

i used these Schematics for the LCD Hookup and all Works Sweet apart from the Light :(

PLEASE HELP me with this B4 i go NUTS!...

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The backlight must have a current limiting resistor installed. Please see this thread for instructions on how to calculate Rlimit.

There is schematic in this post that shows the connection of Rlimit.

High current through the backlight can damage the backlight as well as causing too much heat.


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LCD is now all sorted light is on and all is cool

i must say thank you to the team at crystalfontz your products are second to none and the after sales support is exceptional
from 1 very happy customer thanks again!!! .............