LCD Driver 1.2 Problem


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Well I'm back again, this time with some more nfo on my problem. What i've found is that when i do the test with lcd driver in the control panel at 19200 baud the lcd just flashes twice then turns off. Then when I try any other baud rate it displays a bunch of nonsense (bunch of shapes). I have the driver set to the crystalfontz SKD162-635sg-lg 16X2 backlit and transtalte character set for crystal fontz 2.0 firmware on.

my display is the 632, V2, with baud rate of 19200. Using winxp.

Any ideas why this is happening?

oh yea, i tried out wintest, and everything works fine.

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Most of the software talks at 9600. Please set the display baud rate switches to 9600 as shown here. Then set the software to 9600 and you should be OK.