LCD Displaying Volume Outputs


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I recently purchased an Aardvark Q10 Audio Interface, which essentially is a 8 Input, 8 Output, PCI Audio Card. The channels are viewed by windows as additional recording and output channels. Now the computer running the software has a monitor thats located remotely away from the PC, so we were considering the use of a small LCD to give us the volume levels of each channel by the computer. For instance, a 4x20 LCD should be able to display each channel across the entire LCD, and have VU Meters for each input and output channel. I don't think hardware should be too much of a problem, but I have no idea who would make software to support that. If anyone has any ideas or feels like writing a little code for a small project, Fell free to put your 2 cents in.
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CF Mark

Yup... software is the tough bit.

Really the only way to do this is to ask the makers of the soundcard to add some kind of an API to allow external software to get the VU levels.