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LCD display malfunctioning -tech support request


New member
We are using crystalfontz LCD displays model

wE HAVE THE following problem.If any of the measing equipments connected to our unit(which is having your LCD display fixed
on the front panel) is switched On/OFF the display gets disturbed in the following form i.e the last displayed character
in the display is displayed in any location on the display to any
number of times. For example if '3' is displayed last then this character '3' is displayed in any location(row or column) for any
number of times i.e one time, three time or even ten times or
even in the full two rows of the display filled with character '3'.
When we changed with another display( supplied by
oriole electronics we didnt find this problem. What could be the possible reason for this problem. What is the limitation on the length of the cable to be used with this display.
Kindly let us know the reason for this problem.
Thank you
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