lcd display does not respond


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i've just finished wiring my lcd and i powered it on;so far so good;
it's a 4X20(PVC200403PYL by picvue) lcd, and when i power it on it displays 2 rows of blocks (out of 4 rows: 1st and third depending on how you look at it, i still don't know which is the top side);
according to the example i've studied this is what i should see when i power it on;
however, after trying a whole bunch of software i started to think that i might have done something wrong, because i've got no response from it, appart from some fast blinks, more like flashes sometimes....
but nothing really, exept for those 2 boring rows of blocks...
i could really use some help
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New member
Sounds like you may have one or more of the data lines messed up.

Also, make sure there is nothing else trying to use the Parallel port, i.e. printer drivers.