LCD Clock function?


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I have the XE634 BK YMC KU LCD display and I'm trying to get the LCD to display the time of the clock on the computer it is plugged into.
Does anyone know of any way that we can get the LCD to display the time??

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CF Support2

After you install CC2, configure your module and then add a screen to it. On the screen page, select Load Screen. For a "big number" screen, you can load the screen in the following location:
Screens\User-Contributed\assorted\Time Big Chars 12h (20x4)

There are a number of other user contributed screens, and base screens that should work for you.

CF Support2

cc2_timedate.dll is included in the CC2 package and is used by screens that display the time and / or date.

Did you try using the suggested screen to start with?

C:\Program Files (x86)\CrystalControl2\screens\User-Contributed\assorted\Time Big Chars 12h (20x4)\Time Big Boy 12H.2004

Do all screens display incorrectly on your module?

CF Mark

I can't guarantee that the user-contributed screens work.
They were made a number of years ago, and some may not work anymore.

You are better off loading an "official" screen like "CrystalControl2\screens\Date-Time-Uptime.2004".
If CC2 can communicate with your LCD properly, that screen *will* work.
When thats working, you can go about trying other screens.