LCD 635 With CC2 Will not display any fan speeds


New member
While This may seem a repetative question The fan speeds and temperature
probes all work when running 635_WinTest_1_0, but no RPM and TEMPS are shown on the 635 LCD with the factory installed scab card while CC2 Service is running. Please help
solve this problem with CC2 and the 635 LCD.
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CF Mark

Does the "stats-635-xxxxx.txt" file in your "CrystalControl\cc2-service" directory list the correct information?

If so, its a problem with the screen not being setup correctly to display the information.
Did you get a screen like this one then change the ID numbers to the same numbers that are in your "lcd_635.ini"?

There is a bit of playing around to do to get these things working at the moment :(
The screen editor when its done will make this much easier.