LCD 634 USB - Win XP Home don't work


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i tried to install my new display on my pc (winxp home, amd 2800+ asusa7n8x deluxe)
But the display isn't recognized by the system (no power - no boot screnn - simply nothing).

On my mac (osx) it works.

Where is the difference between the usb-Systems?
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CF Mark

The USB LCDs wont do anything until the USB drivers are installed.
Check the device manager to see if they are installed properly.
USB LCD Displays - Graphic and Character LCDs with a Keypad


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i installed the drivers - anyway - the lcd is dead :(

By the way on my Apple MAC with OSX the display shows the bootscreen without installed drivers - anymore ideas?

will it work with a serial cable?


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Has USB been turned on in BIOS? Have you proven that the ports work with anything else? It has to be some issue with your computer if the thing works on another computer. I'm done here. Brian, help!


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yep - all ports are working fine with other devices.
Tested: Mice, Keyboard, Harddisk USB 1.1, Harddisk USB 2.0
The LCD won't work