LCD 634 Question !!


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I have put a LCD Display in my pc and connected it with the internal USB.

Now my question. If i boot the pc up.....should then the display light up or first if i install the driver ??
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CF Support said:
Before the drivers are installed, you'll see nothing. So you are correct. No drivers == nothing on the LCD.
Thanks a lot for your help :D

Another last question.....must i disconnect the LCD before i install the drivers or can i let the LCD connected an then install ? I ask, because i have a Casemodded AcrylCase and therefore have to do some work to disconnect the LCD from Mainboard :(

CF Support

Generally speaking, you want to install the LCD after you install the drivers.

You can cancel out of the install of the device if you haven't installed the drivers yet, just don't let it decide that it knows better than you what drivers it needs.