just one row on CFAH1602L display...


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I'm new to the forum.
I have an equipment in which there was an old Hitachi character type LCD (32 characters x 1 row electrically, 16 characters x 2 rows physically, 5x7 dot matrix) controlled by a HD44780FH with 3 HD44100H decoder/drivers such configuration was typical during 80's. Now I'm working on substitution of such an old configuration with a beautiful CFAH1602L, everything work OK but I have only one row active (!)...any suggestion?
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CF Tech

I think you have it here: "32 characters x 1 row electrically" I believe ours are 16 characters x 2 row electrically and physically. Please see the attached image from the CFAH1602L data sheet.

Unless you can find something with that character map, or change the firmware, you are in for a long haul.