Just got CFAG12864A... want to convert


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At a computer and electronic swap meet I picked up a blue and white 128x64 LCD module that looks exactly like the one on Crystalfonts as model CFAG12864A (right down to the same marking on PCB). I paid only $20 for it

It has 5v in, PS/2 keyboard, and what I think is BASIC stamp module that interfaced the keyboard to the LCD. it worked great when I tried it so it should be good.

I would like to take off the keyboard module and wire it for hookup to PC and use the display as various (local weather, computer status, and current date/time, etc). It will replace the existing 20x4 character display that doesn't have working backlight display (EL don't last forever :( ) and rather than get another 20x4 display I wanted graphic display and was lucky to find one a short while ago.

Is it better to go serial or parallel? If it's serial, where may I find wiring diagram? On my PC both parallel and serial port isn't being used at all anyway.
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