Just for fun: Some YouTube Videos

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crobol put a video up on YouTube of CC2 and rFactor (here), and I got to poking around on YouTube. I came across some stuff I thought was cool, so I thought I would share it here.

This is a pretty awesome demo of a CFAG12864 by http://www.hedelmae.fi
A demo for Assembly 2005 wild demo competition. It runs on 1bit 128x64 LCD (Crystalfontz CFAG12864) connected to a Commodore Amiga A1200/060. Visit www.hedelmae.fi for more info.
These guys really manage to update the screen quickly.

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Here is an PIC LCD Oscilloscope.
Designed and Built a 625 KHz digital oscilloscope using a PIC18F452 microcontroller, Crystalfontz GLCD, and analog circuitry.
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Here is another demo by http://www.hedelmae.fi. Character mode this time, and probably not a CF display, but pretty awesome.
A demo for Assembly 2003 wild competition. Runs on a 20x4 character display connected to a PC running Linux. Visit www.hedelmae.fi for more info.
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And here is the rFactor + CC2 video:
rFactor telemetry & race data in a LCD display
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The hedelmae stuff is pretty awesome. I love the old-skool demo's with the synth music from way back. Probably to do with my C64 beginnings.

Also nothing like pushing a device beyond it's limits and way beyond it's design intent. The 20x4 LCD with the plasma was cool. would look nice on a display without the gaps between the characters.