Java Servlet to LCD screen?


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I have a Windows XP Professional server running Java servlets, doing some fairly mundane tasks, checking the status of a website, and so on.

Is there a way for Java program to access and set the display of these LCD screens? I'd like to have the servlets scroll their status on these screens, but all I see are ways for C, C++, and VB apps to control the screens. Has someone written a Java library I can borrow?

Failing that, is it possible to just have the screen display the contents of a text file constantly? For example, the servlets could write a small text file, and then the screen can update from that file every half second or so?

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i actually wrote a java stack for the cf 633. i used it to control mpg123, surf thru my mp3 dir. etc. its not a complete stack. but i have the hard parts done. like the crc16, receiving key messages, etc.

reply to this post and ill mail you what i have.

btw. you will need the java comm lib installed. check for xp support on that. thats your limiting factor i bet.

other than that, yes, servlets can make calls to anything on the system they run on. they are java classes after all.



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hi norm,
can u send me ur stuff?

I wonder why is everyone talking about CRC16 check, why it is so much needed?


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CRC16 is the checksum (last two bytes as i recall) on the byte array you send to the LCD. If its not correct, your message is ignored.

I'll have to dig out the code. It's written for my purposes (see above). but is solid. i gave my LCD to a friend to play with.

I'm curious, what are you using the CF633 for?