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i just got a crystalfontz display. I was wondering if theres any software to display itunes: track names, ect. ?

thanks in advance

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I've been wondering this too - and my current thinking is there is not. However, iTunes exposes all it's data (including current track - maybe not current time though) through XML so it would theoretically not be hard to take the source code from one of the tests that CF supplies and add some XML parsing code to it and have exactly this... I am thinking of doing this myself... I'd probably make it as a small stand alone app as opposed to a plugin for one of the bigger LCD control apps to begin with. If I get something working i'll post it somewhere and reply to this



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itunes has finally arrived for crystalfontz

lcd master is a script used with the girder software that displays itunes track, artist and album info on the crystalfontz display

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