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I was a little worried, but I got it working! I cut up one of my internal USB cables that came with the motherboard, and I cut the cable that came with the LCD. I used the diagram in my motherboard manual, and the diagram on the back of the LCD. This the the wires I used:

GND to GND (Black)
D+ to D2+ (Green)
D- to D2- (White)
+5v to VCC (Red)

The colors signify the cable that came with my LCD. I'll try to post some pictures soon so if someone wants to try this (careful, I'm sure it'll void the LCD warranty).

I'm using the Nforce2 Board by Chaintech that comes with 2 internal plugs for USB in the front of the case. Anyways, I'm excited....Just wanted you all to know that it can be done.
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Glad it worked out for you. How did you connect the cable to your motherboard? I know, straight to the USB header, but did you have spare pin "plugs" lying around?


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The motherboard I purchased came with something called a Cdock which is really only a front panel with all the USB cables audio cables and a firewire port. I used one of the cables that came with that. They're pretty common, and you can order an internal USB cable from any manufacturer because you're going to rearrange the wires anyways. I've always liked the idea of having everything enclosed inside the case. Pics of everything should be up tonight.
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