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Is my 633 dead?


New member
I just hooked up my 633 kit on to my media server but I get absolutely nothing on the display.

When I power up the machine, the LEDs and backlight come on and the 3 fans I plugged in spin up so I know it's getting juice. But I get no display of any kind at any time.

Shouldn't I get the Crystalfontz logo / firmware version or something like then on powering up?

I also tried installing CC1 and CC2. Test in CC1 get's nothing and CC2 says the service failed to start.

Finally, uninstalled CC1/CC2 and ran the Wintest utility but all I get in the status is the 'searching for device...' message. I tried connecting to COM1 and COM2.

Am I missing something here or is this thing dead. I'd be so dissapointed after spending on the display kit, ATX power kit, and 4 temp sensors.

Hope someone can help.

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CF Tech

If the WRPWRY14 is ordered at the same time as the CFA-633, Crystalfontz will install the WRPWRY14, open jumper JP8 and close jumper JP9 unless otherwise instructed.

For this functionality, the CFA-633 is powered from the PC’s VSB signal (the “stand-by” or “always-on” +5v ATX power supply output).

Please see the section "ATX POWER SUPPLY CONTROL CONNECTIONS" on page 8 of the CFA-633 data sheet.
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New member
Yes, I did order the WRPWRY14 cable with the 633 which would meen JP8 was opened and JP9 closed at the factory.

I did try intalling the WRPWRY14 cable only to realize I have no WOL connector on the board. But I tried it anyway by connecting just the POWER and RESET plugs (and RS232 and floppy power of course).

But holding down the green 'check' button did nothing.

Is because I did not use command 28 to configure the ATX power function? But how could I with no power?

Or is it because I could not connect the WOL connector. If it the reason then I'd have to abandon using the ATX cable, right? Is it then just a matter of reversing the states of JP8 and JP9?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm still struggling with this.


CF Tech

The WOL powers the module, so it will not do anything very interesting until VSTANDBY is connected.

You can splice the purple wire of the big connector that goes from your power supply to the motherboard (which is VSTANDBY) to the purple wire of the WRPWRY14, and connect black to black, and that will get you going.

You might be able to get one of those little blue nylon automotive power tap crimp-on things to work.