Inverting rows in 634s ?


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Is it possible to make single lines on the 634 or 632 inverted ?

in this case, we are trying to make a keyboard-controlled menu, and the inverted lines should represent the active menuline.

anyone ?
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I do not think there is a way to invert an entire line. Most menuing systems just use some kind of a [bracket] setup or arrow to indicate the highlighted line.

There are some nice looking arrows in the CGROM that may be useful for indicating the selection.

If the menu selection is less than 8 characters, you could use the custom characters to make an inverted section. You would have to send the shape of the characters from the host though, which may be a hassle.

The KS0073 LCD controller has some tricks up its sleeve, you can access it directly through this command found in the module's datasheet:

Send Data Directly to the LCD Controller
(\030 ; Control Equal)
Send "Control Equal" followed by the folowing bytes:
location is the destination register on the LCD controller:
\000 Control Register, (RS=0, RE=0)
\001 Data Memory, (RS=1, RE=x)
\002 Control Register, (RS=0, RE=1)
data is the data to write to the controller
This command executes a low level write directly to the controller. Use this command at your own risk. Nine spaces, plus Control Z, Control Z will reboot the display and recover from most


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Use WinTest to send these codes to the display (copy each line here, then right-click, paste in WinTest's edit line):

\012Select: \030\001\005CHOICE\030\001\004

That will give the choice surrounded by double pointers.

This will give heavy arrows:

\012Select: \030\001\000CHOICE\030\001\001

This will give light arrows:

\012Select: \223CHOICE\224

This will give [ ] brackets:

\012Select: \250CHOICE\252

This will give < > brackets:

\012Select: \050CHOICE\052

This will give { } brackets:

\012Select: \253CHOICE\255


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uhm. the first ones just give back wierd stuff, but maybe thats because i live in germany and we have a different keyboard layout ?

only thing wihch does work is the bracket one [CHOICE]

any solution / workaround for europeans ?


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What version of display do you have? It is shown for a short while at power up, or you can see it by sending \031.
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Hmmm. Those codes should be right for a v2.0 CGROM. I'll have to look at it after the break.