inverting a 632 or 634


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im sure all of you have seen the negative transflection lcd units?
and how downright sexy they look?

well you can easily invert a 632 or any other cf display!

step 1: remove glass plate from bezel
2. with razor blade very carefully remove the polarizing film
3. take a new piece of polarizer and rotate so its a very dark purple color
4. cut the new polarizer to size, and wedge it on top of the glass in the bezel and reassemble
5. adjust your contrast settings.

ill post pic of mine soon.
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U mean u got a 634 at home and u can make it looking the same as a NEGATIVE - YELLOW/GREEN
20x4 STN Blue, Negative, Transmissive, Yellow-Green Array LED
Part number: CFAH2004A-YMC-JP
that would be cool... i'm waiting until Crystalfontz got 634's in that color =)

CF Tech

From this thread:
ip_freely69 over at the [H]ard|Forum found this supplier for Polarization film:

Here is another possible source:

Some LCDs require the polarizer to be flipped 180 degrees, with these you could invert the display using the same polarizer. Most of the recent ones need the polarizer rotated 90 degrees, which makes the polarizer you took off pretty useless. The polarizer you removed is also likely to have adhesive residue on it, which can be difficult to remove.