International shipping lightning fast!!


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USA -> Norway lightning fast!

I ordered myself a serial 634 display for my MP3Car project (the HD44780 display I ordered of eBay wouldn't work) the 7th of June. And today the 12th of June I got the display. The only slowdown was me not checking my mail and replying to the shipping confirmation mail!

When I buy things of eBay or other shops in the states the it usually takes atleast one week, and often two weeks.

Thanks to Crystalfontz and FedEx :)
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Lightning in Taiwan too !

I can confirm the lightning fast shipping and not the least: perfect handling of the ordering process by Crystalfontz crew. Thanks ! I will order again.


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I can also confirm their speedy delivery!

USA --> Uk (Dispached 20/10/2002 Arrived 24/10/2002. 4 days!)

I also noticed that the dispatched date was a sunday! Wow, you guys get 10 out of 10 for dedication. Packaging was great too. I can tell you right now, that personally, i am very cautious to order anything online, (especially international orders), but i would not hesitate to buy from your company again.

Many thanks.

CF Tech

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We really appreciate it and have communicated to FedEx regarding their efficient package handling and excellent delivery times.
Thank you.