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Installation of 634


New member
I have successfully installed both the usb drivers and hardware ( the 634). When I powered up the Crystalfontz initial entry came up. Then it disappeared and I have a blinking cursor in the upper left hand portion of the screen. This is the first time I have used a Crystalfontz LCD, and am wondering if this is a newbie problem, or if I have some other problem.


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CF Tech

That is normal if there is no software communicating with the display.

See if you can talk to it with WinTest. If that goes well then close WinTest and load CC2.


New member
Install of 634

Thanks! I tried what you said, and everything worked just fine. I didn't have any info when I received the 634, and didn't realize the order that things had to be done.

Appreciate your prompt reply to my problem.

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