I'm very frustrated my 633 isn't working right


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I don'y know what I'm doing wrong it works with the test app but no display except what send to the line by hand.

Could someone please list all the steps I need to do to load the software and use the display?

I'm running win2000 pro I have a fan on controller one and a one wire temp probe. Both work wiith the test app but I can't get anything to work with Crystal control. I know it's display only at this time but I can't get the dispaly to do anything but show blocks.
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Make sure you close the test app before you run CC, to make sure the COM port is free. Make sure that the COM port that works in the test app is the one selected in CC.

I've used the 633 display stuff in CC here and it seems to work fine.

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As a temporary measure (and a cool thing to watch at boot), you can use 633_WinTest to send these commands, this will get your fan and temp on the 633.

Set Line 1: ** My Machine **
Set Line 2: CPU rrrrR ttt.t\223

Use the packet debugger to send these commands:

_____________ slot type sns dig col row unit
{Command 21} \000\001\000\004\004\001\002
{Command 21} \001\002\000\005\010\001\001

{Command 4}

CrystalControl will not know about these, and will probably clobber them on screen updates. We will work on that :) .

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