Im totally lost in installing Serial 634

Dark Witt

New member
Just got my LCD ina serial 634 20x4 with backlight.

I read the pdf file how to install it, and im still confused.

If i try just to put the serial cable on it nothing happends, in the pdf file it says it schould work with it, just not the backlight.

I have searched the forum for an thread, with all the details for intalling it, but couldent find it.

Is there anyone who would be so kind and help me out here, wanna get this baby going.

And yes i admitt it myself, im no master of the electronincs.

Thx in advance
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Dark Witt

New member
Ok maybe i found the error, just need it confirmed.

On palsticbag which i had my serial cable in , it says :
AT Modem Cable DSUB09-DSUB09 F/F 7 Cond Cross.Assembeled

In the PDF File for Installation it syas to use a "Straight Through" cable.

Is this where i have made an error
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