im new ,could some 1 give advice please?


New member
hi there

im new to these forums and i just recieved my crystalfontz 632 yesterday and realy think it rox,ive pretty much worked out how to use the software etc,but 1 thing im realy struggling on is the winamp 2 spectrum analyser,ive downloaded the plugins and put them in the winamp plugins folder but still cant seem to get them to work when creating the screen,ive got the song titles etc but no bouncy wavy lines dancin could any1 lend some advice please?

also is there a way to program the lcd to power down when the coputer does,(i have a shuttle and for some reason they keep power to usb/ps2 wen turned off which isnt configurable in bios),ie turn off the backlight/text?
i can do it on my matrix orbital with no probs in lcdc software,but i havnt noticed a way to do it with the crystalfontz crystal control software,can it be done?

thnx in advance
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