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Im new to the idea of LCDs. I need something that will have a screen to come up when i do something. Like if i open wordpad, it says opening wordpad..... If im not doing anything it says Idling. And it has to show my player name, team, kills i.p for counter strike. So if anyone can take me step-by-step on how to do this i would be grateful and I think everyone on this site would appreciate you more. Thanks for any information. If I have to go smaller for my first I project that will be O.K. I just want something for counterstrike right now.Thanks.
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Sorry bout that.

If my name has anything to do with anyone not postin, please ignore it. I have used thid name many times before, I'm just used to this. So if there is truely anyway you can help, I'd be grateful. Thank you and sorry.

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I think Crystal Control will do some of this stuff already. You can download it here:

Once you install it, you can do anything on it that you would do on an LCD, but send it to the "Sim LCD", which is just a window on your screen. That way you can decide if it will do what you want.

I do not think the information like "Loading Wordpad" is available (a multi-tasking OS is doing lots of things at once), but a similar display might be able to be shown by listing the top % CPU processes (like you see in task manager sorted by % CPU).


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Me too!!

Hey man, me too.
I'vew been search for codes where I can retrieve them, but I couldn't find.
I've already done the Visal Basic computer side sofware that send the ASCII's to the microcontroler thru serial port, and I've done the LCD and PIC16F84 pogramming.
I just need to know how to retrieve the status from Counter Strike.

Yo :p