IILC 0.2.0 for CFA-635 on Linux


New member
Just to prove I'm still working on this, here's the latest of my code which drives a CFA-635 on Linux. I'm not even calling this a release, but it's notionally numbered 0.2.0 if anyone asks any questions about it. Binaries are included which work fine on my x86 Fedora Core 5 install against a CFA-635 with SCAB. You'll need to run as root and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib directory.

It still leaks like a sieve and doesn't do much useful, but I've now got the parser sorted, along with displaying temperature reports, fan speed reports and the time. There's lots of hard-coded data in there, but you get the idea. It's there more as a guide for one way of programming for the display on Linux.

Any and all feedback welcomed, either on this thread, by PM or e-mail (found in the distribution .tar.gz).

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