I want to order a 633. What do I need?


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I'm getting slightly confused over what I should order, and how much money this will cost.

I want: a 633 to measure 5 temperatures, and control 3 fans. I want it to connect to an internal usb connector.

What do I need to buy?

- obviously a 633
- 5 dallas sensors.
- anything else?

Unfortunattely it needs to be shipped to the netherlands, which will add to the bill together with the 20% border tax, yuck.

Bye, Lucas
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Generally you can get all you want by using the kit configurator:


and the temp sensors can be added in here:


Assuming you want a black bracket & blue display, here are some links that will put everything you asked for into your cart:

This link will load:

CFA-633 USB blue
Black bracket
motherboard USB cable
4 fan extensions (optional, cheaper to get 4 than 3)
5 temp sensors


Total before shipping is $117.75

But wait! There is another option, the 633 "über" kit:

CFA-633 USB blue
Black bracket
both USB cables
4 fan extensions
4 temp sensors
power cable
ATX power control cable

plus 1 additional temp sensor


Total before shipping is $113.25, and shipping is less since it is only 2 "items" :)


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Great, thanks for the help.
When I go to estimate shipping I go to the fedex screen and all, and select 4lb's (I want to order 2 sets of what I described).

The description says 2lb for a display with cables, so I figure 2 of those are 4lb.

(Shipping to the netherlands)

Fedex tells me its $75, and if I enter it in your discounttool, it comes out on about $50.

Does that sound correct? I was hoping shipping two units would be cheaper then twice the price of sending one.

Thanks, Lucas
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For an accurate estimate, you can write sales@crystalfontz.com with a list of part numbers, and they can calculate the exact charge.

You can also just place the order and they will write you with the total for you to confirm the shipping charges.