I only get a _ if I use LCDproc with a new 634 V2 Display


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I am using a new 634 V2 Dislay, I tested it in the Win-Test-Software and all works fine.
I connected the display to the Linux-Station and started LCDd with the CFontz driver, the display showed the standard Splashscreen and then there is only a _ and a block cursor (blinking). I tryed some clients, they all sent the data but the display isnt showing anything !
I already tryed different versions of lcdproc and changed the new firmware and baud rate settings too.
I don`t know how to solve this and it looks like the same with the lcdproc-programmers.
Is there a need to change the JPC or JPD from opened to closed or could someone with a working config give my a kind of tutorial ?
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Please try setting the LCD to 9600, test that with WinTest set at 9600, then put LCDproc at 9600 and give it a shot. I know you said that you checked the baud rate, but this still sounds suspiciously close to a baud rate problem.

The LCD does not recognize the baud rate changes until it re-boots. Most software does that through the control lines--just watch the factory splash screen for the "9600".

I think you should be able to talk the PC into sending the display data without JPC & JPD closed. However, it will not hurt to close them and see if it helps.

Did you post this on the LCDproc list? Usually they are pretty good about getting issues resolved.


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I have Lcdproc 0.4.3 build date 20020222 working on my Linux box. To be honest I stopped using it because it is buggy with the add-on I wanted to use so I went to LCD4Linux instead. It seems that none of the folks programming lcdproc actually have a V2 632 or 634 at their disposal so feedback is essential.

Here is my /etc/LCDd.conf file. I've trimmed out all the non relevent info

# LCDd.conf



Note that it is set to NewFirmware=yes for the latest V2 634s and that I have it pointed to /dev/ttyS0 but I could use /dev/lcd which is sym linked to /dev/ttyS0.

So next you fire up LCDd wherever you have it installed e.g. /usr/local/sbin/LCDd and then you can start up lcpproc e.g. ./lcdproc C M X

I hope that works for you!