I need information for connect SHARP LM12802M on computer


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I need information for connect a LCD GRAPHIC DOT 128x128 made by Sharp under the number reference LM12802M and have 5 chip with 2 have the number LH5021.

This screen have 10 pin to connect but I dont know if this is able to connect on Serial or Parallel port or via a chip controller.

Please if you have any information on this, send to me !!!

For a picture of this screen or for information check these links :

Front view : http://www.aasi.net/Surplus/Pictures/SHARP-LM12802M.jpg
Rear view : http://www.aasi.net/Surplus/Pictures...2802M-back.jpg
PDF : http://www.aasi.net/development/data...D/LM12802M.pdf

Thanks to all !!! :)
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No response for me...

After few day's and after a lot of Internet search for the SHARP LM128... and also after not see response to my intergations, I try now to find a VFD display with 2x20 or 4x20 for cheap price.

I live in Quebec city in Canada. If you have an idea where I can found a VFD display made by NORITAKE or other VFD display compatible with serial or parallel port, please post a message with where I can found it.

Thaks to all :)