I need Help With my 634 USB


New member
I have everything installed. at least i think i do. right now when my system is on i have the 634 lighting up and a curser lighting up and flashing. but i cant get anything to come up on it except for the crystalfontz loading display when you start the pc up. Can someone please help me out?. VERY NEW TO THIS so B-E-Z
Thanks for the space.
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CF Tech

Please give the following procedure a try:

BEFORE INSTALLING THE PHYSICAL DEVICE, run the driver installation program:


and accept the default directory of:

C:\Program Files\Crystalfontz USB drivers

Then plug in the device and point the Hardware Wizard to:

C:\Program Files\Crystalfontz USB drivers

You can then use device manager to verify that the new COM port has been created, and find out which one got assigned to the display.

All versions of CC support the USB versions, as the USB driver makes a virtual com port.

Please let me know if this works.