I know this is out of the ordinary


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I know this is a bit wierd,

but i was wondering since you are LCD Program designers if there is anyway you can make a sdk plugin for the Logitech G15 keyboard LCD so that CrystalControl2 could work with it?

I already have my 635 LCD running with LCD Smartie/CrystalControl 2 (depending on the day and what i feel like :) ) and it would be awesome to have the G15 controlled by it as well.

I know the G15 is not like normal LCDs as it works by people making plugins from the SDK logitech makes and then the logitech program displays it on the LCD, but it is a standard LCD

This is NOT spam, here is a link to a site that is growing and working on Mods and Plugins for the G15 http://www.g15forums.com/

It would just be so cool if I could use LCD Smartie and/or CrystalControl 2 with the G15

I know LCD Hype is the only program right now with support for the G15, and some how they got it to work via a plugin into the Logitech software, so i would assume the same could be done for smartie and crystalcontrol :)

Just thought I would ask
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