I can't get MBM to work with my 634 :( help!


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i am using only crystal control to control my 634...... i d/led Motherboard Monitor, and configured it, but i could never get my LCD to display temps and fan speed, how do i get this to work? what do i have to do, or download?

i have Windows XP, and 1700 Pentium 4, if that matters
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With V0.95 or V0.96 of CrystalControl, you need MBM version or newer.

Once youve got those, you need to add the LCD module in CrystalControl, and then add a new screen.
In the screen config window, youll then need to select what MBM information you want to display from the "avaliable data" tree list and insert the appropriate "tag".

Once youve seen the results of that, it shouldnt be too hard to work out how to setup the rest of CrystalControl.